What to expect?

Transformation. Our learning pathways are intensive and do require a thirst for bettering yourself and learning. We have carefully formulated our system of imparting knowledge to make real, life- long changes to individuals at a very fundamental level. We find it is often the case that participants find that their spark for helping their whānau, hapū and iwi is ignited, or their purpose becomes clear.

We provide a supportive, non-judgemental environment and do require active participation – you will be coaxed to ‘push’ yourself. It is through ‘pushing’ ourselves that we grow. That’s sounds like hard work (and it is) – but we make it enjoyable.

You can also expect that your current pre-conceptions regarding what a ‘course’ looks and feels like, will be irrelevant. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that our learning pathways will speak to you in a way that traditional forms of study don’t – safe, trusted, and authentic. You will be inspired!