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Mauri Ora

Want the tools to make a very real and positive difference to your whānau, hapū and iwi?

It is well known that there are many issues facing our people today. The Mauri Ora transformative pathway arms you with the tools to do something about it and make an immediate positive difference ‘close to home’.

Mauri Ora is a very special, unique and highly regarded learning pathway, in that it opens the doorway to the collective consciousness that is the essence of whānau, hapū and iwi.

Tapping direct into ancient wisdom, techniques and insights handed down from their ancestors, Mauri Ora participants’ learn to apply these proven solutions in the modern world to help resolve the challenges and issues confronting whānau.

Mauri Ora is made up of seven noho marae that are held once a month Thursday evening to Sunday lunchtime. The seventh being at the Hui ā Tāu/Graduation of the year. 

Participants graduate with the Mauri Ora Kaiwhakaruruhau Practitioners Diploma.

Mauri Ora training is delivered in different regions each year depending on demand

Cost: Zero Fees

What will be different for me?  You will be able to:

  • Share the transformative journey that you took to discover your highest potential
  • Develop and design new best practices based upon your iwi tikanga
  • Integrate proven models of practice that absolutely work for whānau, hapū and iwi

What does it consist of:

Part 1: Te Pūtake

This is the foundation stage of the Mauri Ora training course and will assist the participant to re-integrate whanaungatanga before walking in the footsteps of their ancestors to experience colonisation before moving through the decolonisation

Part 2: Taonga Tukuiho

The participant will explore the six cultural imperatives of Mana, Mauri, Tapū, Tikanga, Whakapapa and Wairua [link to the six imperatives on screen one] and be able to utilise these to assist whānau on their transformative journey from Kahupō which results from the disturbance of tikanga causing confusion, depression and despair to Toiora which is to have total wellbeing. 

Part 3: Mauri Ora

The final stage of the Mauri Ora training will equip the participant with models of practice that can be immediately applied when working with whānau as well as focusing on providing evidence of practice for the assessment of competency in all the models of practice that have been learned.

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