• Our Difference

We are committed to delivering transformative indigenous education & training pathways that are authentic to Māori and which have been validated by whānau, hapū and iwi.

Our transformative pathways are tailored to the needs of those who wish to reconnect, reclaim and restore practices that have been lost or weakened through colonisation, urbanisation and assimilation. We offer education and training that are absolutely different to anything that you have ever experienced before. Time and time again our graduates attest to the transformation that they have gone through and more especially the ihi, wehi and wana that they have experienced and still do!

Our education and training curriculum has developed over 30 years with the express purpose being, to facilitate life changing transformations for those who attend, to Repatriate Whānau to their Mana Motuhake, to their own greatness. We are proud of the massive changes we have made to thousands of individuals and their whānau. Our highly respected, qualified and inspirational Kaiako (tutors) have proven to be safe, trusted, authentic and effective.

We are not an organisation content to make a difference in Te Ao Māori we are a movement that works hard to change Te Ao Māori!


We are unique and indigenous:

  • Proven over 30 years
  • Safe, trusted
  • Highly experienced and qualified Kaiako
  • Supportive and life changing!

“Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa is a trusted industry leader in indigenous education and training.”