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Inamata (Our Today's)

Today, ‘Mauri Ora’ remains Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa’s flagship transformative learning pathway with proven results. True to form the organisation continues to strive to better serve Māori, with a full suite of programmes on offer across ‘Strengthening Whānau’, ‘Developing future leaders’ and ‘Teaching and Mentoring’ with exciting ‘Workplace Development’ programmes in the build. In this regard, 2013 saw Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa contracted by the Department of Corrections to train its custodial staff in the five Māori Focus Units to foster better understanding of Māori across the sector.

Since then Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa has continued to evolve and now delivers the Tūranga Whānau Wānanga as an advanced practitioner’s diploma to graduates of the Mauri Ora Wānanga. The next level of training takes the Kaiwhakaruruhau to the Te Paeārahi Kaiwhakaruruhau Master Practitioners Diploma where entry is gained by invitation. The Te Paeārahi Kaiwhakaruruhau is then at a level where they are qualified to deliver Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa Wānanga.

In 2018 Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa is piloting the Mātua Whāngai Wānanga under contract to Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children. The Mātua Whāngai Wānanga is being delivered to train the Caregiver Whānau in the Bay of Plenty Region.

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