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Elsa Kupa - Caregiver of Oranga Tamariki whose ages range from 12 yrs to 5 months

I encourage all care givers to come on this course. The tamariki we have in our care, have so many hurts, We tend to refer them to counsellors, to psycologists, psychiatrists. But within this course they are giving us skills for us to deals with them on a daily basis. To see where they come from some of us haven't been in a lot of the situations the kids have been in,  and we dont really understand. We tend to say we do, we know what they are going through but I believe this course is benefical because it gives us a greater insight as to where they have been and how we can help them regain their Tino Rangatiratanga.


Elsa Kupa - Matua Whangai

Farena Pahina - Mātua Whāngai 2018 also a lead Kaiako for Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa

Mātua Whāngai to me is a personal journey, one because I am a whāngai child, I've often been described as a whāngai, a hāpū child and as a whāngai of the hapū... It will also be a gateway for many of us who have been through that Mātua Whāngai in our lives to be able to make change to allow healing to occur and for us all to be able to move forwards in a more positive light at the end of the day I really do this for my mokopuna.

Farena Pahina - Matua Whangai

Pania and Heather

This wānanga will enlighten your ngākau, and you all need that if you are going to be taking care of our tamariki. It will strengthen your ngākau and your whole whānau.

It will empower you, and you can empwer those in your whānau to empower our uri whakatipu, by connecting with our grass roots because we cannot go forward til we acknowledge some insight into what had been done before so we can understand where our kids are at and why they are where they are at.

I came here to learn how to help my niece, she is a handful but she is amazing... Our māori culture needed to be implemented into her life and into mine.

What did i get out of it? Understanding  about history, why we are who we are, why we do the things we do? Why we do the great things we do.

I dont think this is just for taking care of children, just doing this has made me understand why the elderly are how they are, i know where im going and where i come from. People need to know their strength is inside of them. You just feel love, I feel like im whānau now

Pania and Heather - Matua Whangai 2018

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