Tikanga is the way we practice what we believe in as Māori. Tikanga comes from Māori philosophy or aka matua/iho matua (world view). Tikanga embodies Māori values and reflects these in a practice sense. Without tikanga there is no representation or practice of Māori values. Tikanga prescribes acceptable and unacceptable behaviours from a specifically Māori value base. It is the first instance of accountability.


  • The application of tikanga provides the opportunity for the restoration of order, grace and mana to whānau, hapū and iwi.
  • Tikanga reflects that relationships are intact, processes are in place to preserve and protect whakapapa and there is a level of understanding about the importance of whakapapa relationships and processes.
  • Tikanga provides behavioural boundaries for the restoration of order and well being. Its transformative quality is a guide for behaviour that is based on Māori philosophies about the way in which whānau should behave towards one another.