Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa has recently embarked on training specifically requested by organisations that have recognised the need for training that can enhance change and equip tools for their staff. This in turn had bought about the design and delivery of  POUTAMATIA.

POUTAMATIA was an initiative designed for Department of Corrections by Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa. 

Poutamatia was created in support of staff, as well as provide key tools and practice imperatives to assist with the facilitation and support of wellness pathways, in a way that was specific to their needs and able to be embedded into the Ara Poutama Aotearoa Values of Manaaki, Whānau, Wairua, Kaitiaki and Rangatira.

Those who attended were 3 Pou Tuhono who work in the 3 Mana Wāhine Whare in Auckland, Tawa and Christchurch,  as well as 3 Senior Custodial Officers from each of the above whare.