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RAU O TE HUIA - Community Trust, Tauranga Moana

28 August 2020

As a new Associate Iwi Agency ‘Rau-o-Te-Huia' Community Trust’ a Kaupapa Māori residential care facility for tangata whaiora based in Tauranga already had a connection with Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa through its Manager Kessie Moeke-Kohu. 

In 1988 Kessie worked as an administrator at the Māori Women’s Centre in Hamilton where Hana Tukukino was also situated.  Around 1991, recovering from alcohol and other abuse Kessie was employed as a Secretary to Makere Cook who was the Manager of Te Korowai Aroha Aotearoa in Hamilton. Kessie undertook Te Korowai Aroha training in Taumarunui with Jozie Karanga and these beginnings were a catalyst in the transformational journey Kessie has undertaken to where she is now. 

Having been associated with ‘Rau-o-Te-Huia Community Trust’ for the past 20 years, Kessie manages the day to day running and oversees the residents offering both full time and respite care. 

Leading a suite of staff both qualified and rich in lived experience ensures their practice is relevant and underpinned by Kaupapa Māori values. Kessie is committed to supporting all her staff to complete Mauri Ora Training and supporting the Kaupapa of Te Korowai Aroha o Aotearoa. If you’re interested in discovering more about ‘Rau-o-te-Huia Community Trust’ you can contact:

Kessie on (07) 571 5136 or kessie@rauotehuia.org.nzt

RAU O TE HUIA - Community Trust, Tauranga Moana